The “Preview and publish” section enables you to view the notice information one section at a time.

  • Click a section name to open the information entered into the section for viewing
    • If all of the section's mandatory information has been entered, a green symbol will be shown at the end of the row
    • If there is any mandatory information missing from a section, the text “Mandatory information missing” will be displayed alongside the section 
      • Click on the section name to open the information and the mandatory information will be shown in red
      • Click on the red “Mandatory information” text to go directly to the section where the information must be entered



  • Click “Preview the HILMA notice”
    • You will see the HILMA notice in its entirety in the preview view

NOTE! HILMA notices can only be previewed when the organisation is using HILMA integration and the environment is in the production state (the HILMA integration is active).

  • Preview the Exclusion and suitability (ESPD) Esikatsele Poissulkeminen ja soveltuvuus (ESPD) PDF
  • The call of tenders pdf can be opened from "Open in pdf format". 
  • The call for tenders can be saved on your computer "Save in pdf format".

Send an email preview

The preview function can be used to send the preview or a request for comments.  

  • If the function is used to send the preview, the call for tenders and all associated attachments and links will be sent as an email attachment to the recipient.  
  • If the function is used to request comments, the recipient will receive an email containing a link to the commenting interface  
  • By clicking on this link, the user will be taken to the commenting view and can send comments connected to the call for tenders. (see Commenting on calls for tender)

Select publishing locations

  • Tendering service
    • The notice will be published on the organisation's supplier portal
  • Hilma (National portal)
    • The notice is published via the HILMA integration to
    • This is not possible for procurement notices below the threshold value, streamlined procurement or small-scale procurements.
  • Send by email
    • If you choose to send the notice by email, a text field will appear and you must enter or paste the email addresses of the recipients in list form (each on a separate line).
    • Email addresses can also be selected from the supplier register. In this case, all of the companies that are registered on the supplier portal or the Small-Scale Procurement Portal can be selected.
      • The email provides the recipient with information about the procurement and a direct link to the tender on the supplier portal (summary page of the call for tenders in question).
  • The “OK, publish” function confirms your previous selections and the call for tenders is published as specified.

After publication, the page will show confirmation that the notice has been published. The same confirmation will also be emailed to the person who published the notice.

If the notice is published on HILMA, the HILMA ID number will be shown on the notice confirmation page and in the confirmation email.

NOTE! HILMA processes all EU notices manually, after which they are forwarded from HILMA to TED. It may take 48 hours to inspect a notice on TED. When the notice has been published on HILMA, it is made visible on the supplier portal.

The notice can be subsequently emailed to specific recipients using the "Re-send the notice" function. See instructions here.