The supplier register can be found on the Cloudia Competitions homepage. The functionality allows for the establishment of a qualification system, ie a declaration of the supplier register (specific areas).

The front view of the supplier register can be used to create a supplier register and view previous notifications of status folders.

Create a new supplier register

  • Choose "Create new supplier register"
    • Choose system language
    • Choose system currency
    • Choose "create new"

The Supplier register notification contains the following tabs. See the instructions by clicking the image section:

NOTICE! The HILMA selection is missing from the supplier register publication. The announcement may only be published on the Supplier portal and on providers invited directly by e-mail. If the notice is to be published on the TED service, the notice handler must send the notice to TED. This procedure is used because the supplier register cannot be published in HILMA.

Processing of Supplier register

Choose folder "Active" and desired notice from listing

  • Open the notice information page

NOTICE! If you would like to view the instructions under "Information page, Documents, Internal discussion, Send an email", please click on the heading.

Applications can be in status

  • In progress
  • Accepted
  • Rejected
  • Have reviewed

Processing of application

  • Choose the application to be processed

NOTICE! The process goes the same way for "pending, approved, and rejected" applications

Processing view will open:

  • Applicant
  • Request status
  • Applicant's response to settled suitability requirements

Processing the application

  • Accept or reject the request and write reasoning if needed
    • Accept request
    • Reject request
  • Confirm selection or cancel
    • Choose "Save and send" or "Cancel"

Have reviewed

  • Under "Have reviewed" can be viewed people who reviewed the supplier register notice from Supplier portal

Editing the suitability requirements

  • If suitability requirements of supplier register needs to be edited, it can be done by "Open the suitability requirements of the notification for editing" function

  • Suitability requirements
    • Make necessary changes in the section suitability requirements
  • Completion of editing
    • NOTICE! Completing the edit will send an email to all suppliers asking them to complete and submit any previous application.
    • Write email cover letter which will send to all who reviewed the notice or who has send application

Calls for tenders

  • Choose "New call for tenders based on the supplier register"
    • Choose notice language and currency
    • Choose "Copy suitability requirements from the supplier register"
    • Choose "Create call for tender"

Calls for tenders included in the Supplier register will be listed to the view

  • Choose the call for tenders desired to view from listing
  • Choose "Go to the call for tenders information page"