Small-scale contracting authorities are sub-contracting entities which only carry out small purchases.

Each small-scale contracting authority has its own users, which can be added, edited and deleted in the Small Sourcing User Control.

Add new small-scale contracting authority

  • Click "Add new small scale contracting authority"
  • Fill in the fields
    • Small-scale contracting authority's basic information
      • Official name
      • Service identifier
      • Email address
      • Business ID
      • Country
      • Currency
      • Language
      • Calls for tenders published by small-scale contracting authority are displayed on the contracting authority service
        • If this is chosen, the small purchases published by that small-scale contracting authority will appear in the small-scale contracting authority's own service as well as in the procuring authority's service.
    • Small-scale contracting authority's contact information
      • Street address
      • Postal code
      • Post office
      • Phone number
      • Fax
      • Web address
      • Logo