Creating an invitation to participate

At the dynamic purchasing system set-up stage, the contracting entity draws up an invitation to participate in which the details of the dynamic purchasing system are defined. 

  • Click the ‘Create new notice’ button to display a list of contract notices available for selection. A dynamic purchasing system can be created using the following forms
    • EU dynamic contract notice
    • National dynamic contract notice
    • Social and other specific services - public contracts - procurement notice (DPS)
  • The language and currency of the invitation to participate are also chosen in this connection.
  • When you click the ‘Create new notice’ button, the system switches to the completion of the form concerned.



As far as the creation of the form in concerned, an invitation to participate is prepared the same way as regular calls for tenders, except that the option concerning the procurement procedure has been locked to be consistent with the dynamic purchasing system and that no points can be defined for procurement object criteria in an invitation to participate.


National contract notice


A national contract notice will automatically have restricted procedure as the procurement procedure.

EU contract notice and notices for social and other specific services


In an EU contract notice and procurement notices for social and other specific services, the nature of procedure will be automatically set to restricted procedure, in addition to which section ‘IV.1.3) Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system’ will include indication about the setting up of a dynamic purchasing system. 

The invitation to participate is published normally and the notice will be displayed in the Hilma system. The invitation to participate will also be displayed in TED in the case of a procurement that exceeds the EU threshold value. The invitation to participate can be corrected with a correction notice during the set-up stage. 


General instructions concerning the preparation of contract notices are available under the following links:


National procurement notification


EU contract notice (the instructions also apply to the ‘Social and other specific services’ form)