The checking of government data allows the contracting entity to check the correctness of the ESDP information reported by a tenderer and the its subcontractors in Cloudia Sourcing. The checking is carried out in connection with tender processing.


Retrieving of data


The checking of government data requires that the contracting entity has requested the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) form in a structured manner making use of the ESPD form integrated in Cloudia Sourcing (see ESPD).


The checking of government data can be started in Cloudia Sourcing when the data included in the tenders submitted by the tenderer and its declared subcontractors and consortium members is checked after generating the tender opening document (see opening of tenders and opening document) The retrieval of data requires that the tenderer has declared a Finnish VAT number on the ESPD.


Retrieving and checking of government data


When you have created the opening document, go to the ‘Checking of government data’ section. 

  • Click ‘Start search’ to initiate the retrieval of government data. 
    • The system lists the tenderers whose data could be successfully retrieved along with any tenderers without a business ID. The subcontractors and/or consortium members are detailed under the main tenderer’s name.


NOTE! The checking of data may take as much as 24 hours. The data can only be checked manually after they have been retrieved. If the tenderer’s data cannot be retrieved from the registers maintained by the authorities (e.g. the business ID is missing or the tenderer is a foreign company), you can proceed to review the data of the companies concerned manually.


FIGURE: Click ‘Start search’ to initiate the retrieval of government data


When the search results have been received, the individual who performed the checking of government data will be indicated next to the tender. If there are any problems with the check, the data can also be checked manually. 

  • The listing will show the data retrieval status of the company and its consortium members and subcontractors.
    • Who checked the data and when
    • Click ‘Search’ to retrieve the data again 
    • If the search was successful, you can open the data checking view of the selected tenderer by clicking ‘Proceed to check the data’.
    • If the search was not successful, you can carry out the checking of data manually by clicking ‘Check manually’ 


NOTE! In order for the retrieval of data to be successful, the user must have a phone number recorded in their data in the contact details register. 


The retrieved data will be opened in connection with the tenderers’ ESPD answers. The retrieved data will be shown in the ‘Information obtained from systems maintained by authorities’ column.


In the answers view, you can

  1. Accept or reject data in the ‘Acknowledgement and comments’ column. If the retrieved piece of data does not meet the requirements and a decision is made to reject it, the reasons for the rejection must be stated in the comment field. 
  2. Accept all the answers of the section concerned by clicking ‘Accept all’
  3. Acknowledge the data as processed
    • Each section must have a processing indication (OK/Not OK + comment)
  4. View the search history under ‘Search history for government data’


Figure: Viewing and acknowledging the retrieved data


The registers and data used:

 Government data will be retrieved from the registers and services maintained by the following organisations:

  • Finnish Patent and Registration Office: Trade Register, Register of Enterprise Mortgages
  • Finnish Tax Administration: Employer Register, Prepayment Register, VAT Register, shareholders, holdings, reference relationships
  • Finnish Center for Pensions: employment pension insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund: unemployment insurance
  • Finnish Workers' Compensation Center: workers' compensation insurance
  • National Board of Customs: customs charges
  • Legal Register Center: bankruptcy and restructuring stages
  • Execution Offices: Execution Register


Checking of an extract from criminal records for the winning tenderer


Compare the suppliers’ ESPD answers against the submitted extract from criminal records and make the necessary inspection markings 

  • Click ‘OK’ if the criminal records data are consistent with the data submitted on the ESPD
  • Click ‘Not OK’ if the criminal records data are not consistent with the data submitted on the ESPD
    • Enter a comment next to the acknowledgement box


Figure: Comparing criminal records data against the ESPD data. 



Electronic certificate directory eCertis


eCertis is an electronic certificate directory from which you can search data from corresponding documents and certificates in different countries. Futher information about eCertiksestä is available at eCertis is a useful tool if the competition involves foreign tenderers and you need to verify whether a document submitted by a party is appropriate or confirm, for example, which documents you should request.


You will see the eCertis link on the checking of government data page. This link will direct you to the service maintained by the European Commission.


Figure: eCertis link on the checking of government data page


Click the ‘show details’ link next to the different ESPD sections on the ESPD evaluation view to open the ‘Information in e-Certis’ view that indicates the document pertaining to the section concerned.


NOTE! This feature will not, as such, retrieve any data on the tenderers, but instead it will show what kind of document relates to which section, and based on this information, you can search for an equivalent for this document in different countries from eCertis.

Figures: ESPD evaluation view and the additional information provided by eCertis