Navigate to ended-folder and find the ended call of tender which tenders you want to open. Open the section "tenders"

Tender-section shows how many call of tender is received. An opening document will be created when they are opened for the first time. The comparison and decision documents can only be edited after the opening document has been generated. Fill in all of the information below. The opening document can be opened in PDF format for printing after saving. 

To open up the tenders clicking " make the opening document and open the tenders"


Fill up the mandatory information

  • “Location”: enter details about where the tenders are being opened
  • “Present”: enter the name of the person or select the person from the menu
  • “Signatures”: enter the name of the person or select the person from the menu 
    • You can add as many people as required 
  • When you have finished, click “Create opening document”. The opening document will open in PDF format. 
    • After it has been generated, the opening document will appear on the “Documents” tab 
  • The list of tenders received will then open
    • The tenders are listed automatically by the oldest first, but you can change the sorting of the listing below the listing

PICTURE: The making of opening document happens in "Tenders"-section

  • "Add a new section" you can add your own sections to the document
    • Type the headline to the left and the section content in the large box

PICTURE: "Add a new section" you can add your new sections to the opening document

Select signature type:

  • Normal
  • E-signature 


  • Add the person`s name with "add new signer" or select from the drop-down menu
  • You can add needed amount of signers
  • NOTE! The signers of e-signature are also selected here

PICTURE: The last section of opening document is adding the signers

After entering the opening document information, click "create opening document". The tenders section opens up and on the top the page is "opening document pdf-file"