FIGURE: The ‘Tenders’ section displays the received tenders and the people who viewed the notice



Received tenders


The following information is listed for each tender:

  • When the tender was submitted
  • Who submitted the tender
  • Tender ESPD
  • Tender documents
    • Open tender document
      • Summary attachment of the information entered by the tenderer in the supplier portal 
    • Tender ESPD pdf summary
    • Other documents
      • Listing of documents uploaded as tender attachments 
  • Tender processing details
    • Details of the tender opener and the time when the tender processing was started. 
      • This means the time when the call for tenders concerned was opened in the portal. 
    • Details of the individual who last opened the tender and the time when the order form was last opened in the portal.

FIGURE: The ‘Tender documents’ button opens the tender document and other documents accompanying the tender. The ‘Tender processing information’ link opens the details of the individual who opened the tender and the individual who last opened the tender. 

  • Download all documents (ZIP)
    • You can download all the tender documents to your computer in one go as a ZIP package


Eligible supplier


Selection on a tender-by-tender basis is the default selection in ‘Eligible supplier’. If you want to exclude the tenderer from the tender comparison, uncheck the box at the end of the row.

  • If you uncheck the ‘Eligible supplier’ box, an exclusion decision can be addressed to the tenderer concerned

FIGURE: Uncheck ‘Eligible supplier’ to display the ‘Make exclusion decision’ option. 


Make exclusion decision

  • The recipient will be the tenderer to whom the exclusion decision is addressed
  • The exclusion decision must be the system default content, but the message can be edited where necessary
    • Edit the message heading
    • Edit the message content
    • Add file attachments if applicable
  • Send the exclusion decision or save without sending


Note! When an exclusion decision has been sent to a tenderer, the tenderer will no longer be included in the comparison table and a contract award decision or notification of a contract award can no longer be addressed to the tenderer from the system

FIGURE: Preparing an exclusion decision. Add a file attachment to the exclusion decision message by clicking ‘Add new attachment’



NOTE! You may return to edit the eligibility of tenderers until the notification of the contract award has been sent (the comparison table must always be re-generated after each edit).


See also: Tender clarification


Download documents of all tenders (ZIP)


Use this feature to compile a single document package of all the received tenders and tender attachments

  • All documents are also automatically saved in the ‘Document’ section of the procurement concerned



Selecting tenderers


When the eligibility of tenderers has been processed, you can proceed to tender comparison

  • Click ‘Select suppliers in the comparison table’ to have the system generate a comparison table where the tenders can be compared
  • For instructions on how to process the comparison table, click here 

FIGURE: The comparison of tenderers is carried out in the comparison table.