The ‘Bulletins’ feature is visible to users with ADMIN privileges. The menu can be used for creating and editing the organisation's internal bulletins. 


Add a new notification

To create a new bulletin, click ‘Add a new notification’. 


Define the type and publishing targets of the bulletin 

  • General topical bulletin 

    • The bulletin can be published in the following channels where it will be shown under ‘News’ 

      • Tendering system, licence users  

      • Tendering system, small procurement users 

      • Small procurement portal  

      • Tarjouspalvelu 

  • Upcoming procurement 

    • The bulletin can be published in the procurement calendar and in the supplier portal where in will be shown under ‘Upcoming procurements’ 

Define dates 

  • Date of notification (the date shown on the bulletin) 

  • Valid from date and time 

  • Valid until date and time 

Title and text 

  • Separate text content can be defined for each language that will be show according to the user interface language chosen 

  • In addition to Finnish, bulletins can be prepared in Swedish and English 


  • Define attachments for the bulletin if applicable 

Save or Save and publish 

  • To publish the bulletin without saving, click ‘Save’ 

  • To save and publish the bulletin, click ‘Save and publish’ 

    • When you have made the selection, the status of the bulletin changes to ‘Published’ 



In progress, Published and Archived 


The bulletins are shown on different tabs according to their status 

  • In progress bulletins 

    • Unpublished bulletins 

  • Published bulletins 

    • Active bulletins 

  • Archived 

    • Expired bulletins 


NOTE! You can use a previous bulletin as a template by clicking ‘Create a new notification based on this one’