Adding a new document


You can add general documents of the organisation for instructional and communications purposes, for example, that will only be shown on the Sourcing home page for the contracting authority concerned. 

  • Click ‘Tools’ > ‘Contracting authority documents’ 

  • Click ‘Add file’ 

  • Add the desired files via the upload window 


NOTE! The file size may not exceed 50 MB. 



Editing the document 


The name, description and visibility of the uploaded document can be edited. 

  • The file can be renamed 

  • The file can be provided with a description 

  • Select who has the right to view the document 

    • Contracting authority 

    • Small contracting authority 

  • Attachable to call for tenders 
    * Additional functionality 

    • The document will be available for inclusion in the call for tenders from the document library