In the criteria library, you can save pre-defined criteria groups that can be used in procurement objects and suitability requirements alike. You can pick up these criteria groups for any call for tenders. Criteria groups can be searched for with keywords. 


Manage criteria library


In the ‘Manage criteria library’ window, you can edit and add criteria groups and criteria that belong to them. Criteria can also be shared to other procurement organisations in this window.



FIGURE: In the ‘Manage criteria library’ window, you can search for previously created criteria groups or create a new criteria group. The search feature allows you to filter the search by procurement objects and/or suitability requirements.



Editing a criterion group


Click a criterion group to edit a previously created group. The ‘Edit’ view allows you to edit the name, type and criteria, add products and services to the group and manage the sharing of criterion groups.



  • ‘Name’ – you can define a name for the group
  • ‘Type’ – you can choose whether the group relates to procurement objects or suitability requirements
  • ‘Associated products and services’ – you can add a keyword for the group so that the criterion group search will also apply to this criterion group.
  • ‘Criteria’ – you can define criteria for the group
  • ‘Sharing of a criteria group’ – you can define sharing for the group



Sharing of a criterion group


You can share a saved criterion group to selected contracting authorities


  • Search for/select the contracting authorities
    • Select the desired contracting authorities and click the arrow button to move them to the right-hand side column