NOTE! This instruction can be applied to 
  • EU prior information notice 
  • Social and other specific services – public contracts - Prior information notice
  • Social and other specific services - concessions - Prior information notice

NOTE! If you answered "Yes" to section II.1.6 ("Details concerning lots"), details must be entered for section II.2: SECTION: DESCRIPTION (CONTRACT DIVIDED INTO LOTS).

Enter a new procurement contract

  • Select "Add new"


  • Link the procurement contract object to the contract notice


NOTE! If "This notice is a prior information notice only" is selected in the section, "Directive 2014/24/EU", several different contracts can be included in the notice and this section may include several contracts to which the contract lot in question is allocated.  

FIGURE: Parts of the contract can be added from the plus icon the desired amount. The location of the parts of the contract can also be modified from the arrow icon by dragging the contract to the right place. From ark-icon you copy information of copied part.

II.2) Description

II.2.1 Name

  • Enter a name and lot number for the procurement contract object


Complete sections II.2.2) - II.2.14) as instructed in section II: Procurement Object