* Additional functionality

This functionality can be used to import a framework agreement created outside the system to Cloudia Sourcing.


To set up an external framework agreement, click ‘Create new notice’, and then select ‘External framework agreement’. Fill out the sections as instructed below. 

 Basic information

  • Name
  • Enter a name for the external framework agreement
  •  Identifier
    • Enter an identifier for the external framework agreement


  • Duration of the framework agreement
    • Enter a duration for the framework agreement


  • Operators of framework agreement
    • Framework agreement with a single operator
    • Framework agreement with several operators


  • Selection criterion
    • Scoring based on total procurement
    • Scoring by object group
    • Scoring by object row

  • Suppliers
    • Add a new supplier
      • Name (mandatory information)
      • Email address (mandatory information)
      • Contact person
      • Telephone number
      • Business ID
  • Select suppliers from tender register, using
    • Name of the company or part of it
    • Business ID of the company or part of it
    • Email of the company or part of it
    • Select a company from the list and choose ‘Add selected suppliers’
  • You can edit and delete the suppliers’ details if applicable

NOTE! When mini competitions are created based on a framework agreement, a unique link to the mini competition will be sent to the e-mail address defined in the supplier’s contact information.




Confirming suppliers


A confirmation message from the system must be sent to the selected suppliers. When the supplier clicks the link included in the e-mail, the supplier will be connected to the company registered in the Supplier Portal. 


If the supplier has not registered in the Supplier Portal, the system will request the supplier to do so when the link is clicked. 

Click the ‘Re-send confirmation message’ button to re-send the confirmation message if the supplier has lost the link. 



The supplier will receive the message shown below. The supplier must click the ‘Confirm ID’ link and log in to the Supplier Portal in the browser window that appears to confirm their ID.  

Objects and object groups

Click ‘Add object group’ to add an object group. 


  • Enter a name for the object group
  • Click ‘Add an object’ to add objects to the object group.
    • Click ‘Hide all objects in object groups’ to hide all objects in the object groups

Select suppliers


Select suppliers to each object group 

NOTE! The supplier selection can only be carried out after the suppliers have been confirmed.


Tenderer-specific price limits


For each supplier, a ceiling price can be set for the products in the object group which the suppliers cannot exceed in their mini competition tenders. 

Attachments and links


Add attachments and links


Preview and publish


When all the required information has been filled out, the external framework agreement can be published.

  • Click ‘Create a framework agreement’
  • After publishing, the notice is moved to the ‘My framework agreements’ folder and mini competitions can be set up under the framework agreement