Mini competition under a framework agreement

Setting up a new mini competition


  • From the ‘Mini competitions’ tab of a framework agreement, select ‘Create new mini procurement’
  • Select the language of the call for tenders
  • Select the currency of the call for tenders
  • Select the template to be used if applicable.
    • The data will be moved from template to the new mini competition
  • If the framework agreement has been divided into lots, select the sub-areas the mini procurement pertains to.

Preparing a call for tenders

The suppliers selected in connection with the framework agreement will be automatically chosen as the recipients of mini competition calls for tenders (according to the objects in respect of which they were chosen as suppliers)

 NOTE! When a mini competition is set up, the following information will no longer be defined at the call for tenders preparation stage: procurement category, type of procedure, suitability requirements, CPV code and the main site or place of performance (NUTS code) of the procurement. 


The process for mini competitions (mini procurements) is roughly the same as that for other procurements. The process steps are the following:


Functions for active procurements

Receipt of tenders

Tender comparison

Contract award and notification

Procurement contract

 NOTE! Mini competitions will be automatically linked to the procurement under a specific framework agreement.


Adding a mini competition template


The ‘Templates’ tab allows you to create new templates that are automatically linked as templates of the framework agreement concerned.

To add a mini competition template, click ‘Create new mini procurement template’

  • Select the language
  • Select the currency
  • Click ‘Create call for tenders’ to create a new template



You can also create a new template based on an unfinished mini competition by clicking ‘Add new template’.

  • From the list, select the unfinished mini competition based on which you want to create the template
    • Click ‘Attach’

Note! The save a mini competition as a template, the call for tenders or mini competition concerned must be in the ‘In progress’ status



The attached mini competition templates appear on the ‘Templates’ tab

  • A template can be edited
  • A template can be copied as a new template
  • A template can be deleted

Criteria locks


The mini competition template includes the ‘Criteria locks’ section that can be used for locking procurement objects and criteria. These locks can be used for directing the initiators of mini competitions to prepare internal mini competitions that are in accordance with the framework agreement. 

  • Prevent the addition of new object groups
    • New object groups cannot be added with a mini competition
  • A price must be asked for the object group
    • The selection forces the mini competition to ask a price for all the products/services of the procurement sub-area concerned
  • Products/Services: ‘Locked’ checkbox
    • The selection locks the product/service fields so that they cannot be modified with a mini competition and no new fields can be added 
  • Criteria: ‘Locked’ checkbox
    • The selection locks the criteria row so that this row cannot be modified with a mini competition
  • Minimum and maximum limit values can be defined for a numerical criterion
    • If minimum and maximum limit values have been defined for a template, a mini competition can be used for changing the minimum and maximum values within the limit values.

Starting a mini competition from a template


When mini competition templates have been saved under a framework agreement, a new mini competition can be set up from a template as follows.


Click ‘Create new mini procurement’

  • Select the language of the call for tenders
  • Select the currency of the call for tenders
  • From the ‘Mini procurement template’ drop-down menu, select a template