Contracting entities may save previously created notices in the sourcing system as templates. Templates can be used within own contracting entity or shared with all or selected contracting entities.

  • Own templates can be found in the ‘Templates’ folder  
  • Shared templates can be found in the ‘Shared templates’ folder  

Copy a notice as a template


Select the folder from which you want to search for the procurement 

Click a procurement in the list under the folder to select it

  • The system switches to the information page of the procurement
  • From the menu on the right-hand side, select ‘Copy to a template’


Click ‘Copy to a template’ to create a new template based on the notice. The selection displays the form used for creating a template, where you enter:

  • Name of template
  • Template description
  • Select with whom to share the template
  • Add attachments if applicable

NOTE! The attachments are only shown on the front page of the template, not under the template documents and links


FIGURE: Template editing history, the required information are the name and description.

Do you want to create an own template or a shared template?

  • Not shared 
    • You are only creating the template for your own contracting entity 
  • Shared to all contracting authorities
    • You are creating a template that will be shared to all contracting entities 
  • Shared only to selected contracting authorities
    • Click the ‘Select contracting authorities’ button to select the contracting entities with whom you want to share the template 
    • Search for (1) or select from the list the contracting entity with whom you want to share the call for tenders by clicking the ‘>’ button (2) or select all (3). A box also appears on the right-hand side (under ‘The contracting authorities the document is being shared to’) 
      • The selected contracting entities are shown in the list on the right-hand side. To remove a contracting entity from the list, select it from the list on the right-hand side and return it back to the ‘Contracting authorities found’ list by clicking the transfer button. 
  • When the contracting entity has been moved to the box on the right-hand side, click the cross in the top-right corner to close the pop-up window
  • The view returns to the ‘Copy to a template’ view (the same where you chose the desired contracting entity)
  • Click ‘Save’. The system confirms that the data has been saved successfully.


FIGURE: Select with whom you want to share the template. You can search for a contracting entity by entering a part of the contracting entity’s name in the text field 

Use a template as a basis for a new notice


The templates can be found in the ‘Templates’ and ‘Shared templates’ notice folders. Select a folder and under it the template you want to view or use as a basis for a new notice



  • You can view all the details of the template
  • You can edit all the details of the template
  • You can edit the template name, description, visibility and files
  • You can conduct internal discussions related to the template
  • A template can also be deleted



FIGURE: (1) Use a template as a basis for a new notice, (2)Edit the template sharing information, (3) Open the template for editing



Shared templates

  • The folder view lists the title information of all shared templates as well as the latest shared templates
  • Click any template detail in either of the lists to view the template details
  • Click the menu button in the ‘Latest shared templates’ list to copy a template directly to your own templates or view the template in PDF format