The negotiated procedure on Cloudia Sourcing is the same, regardless of whether a normal or competitive negotiated procedure is used.

1) Invitation to participate phase

2) Required negotiation rounds

3) Call for tenders round

Instructions for the invitation to participate and call for tenders phases are on the "Restricted procedure" page invitation to participate phase and call for tenders round. OBS! Choose type of competive negotiated procedure or negotiated procedure.


Drafting and publishing negotiation rounds

Select a template for the negotiation round:

  • Use the notice from this round as a template
    • The invitation to participate is copied as a template for the call for tenders
  • Select a different template
    • Use the search form to select the call for tenders that you wish to use as a template
    • Enter your search term into the window and click the "Enter" button
  • Empty template

A negotiation round's call for tenders is drafted in the same way as for a national procurement notification. As this is a restricted notice, all of the compulsory HILMA selections are removed.

Publishing a negotiation round

Before publication, the publication view requires one of the following to be selected:

  • "Suppliers are requested to submit a tender"
    • Suppliers submit tenders using the Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal as normal
  • "No tender requested from suppliers"
    • The "Submit tender" function is hidden on the Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal because this stage only involves suppliers familiarising themselves with the content without receiving any responses/tenders from them

  • The notification will only be published for the supplier who were selected in the participation application phase for inclusion in the negotiated procedure. The selected suppliers will be sent an email with a direct link to the negotiation round. By following this link, suppliers are taken to the supplier portal, where they can log in and then view the information about the negotiation round.

    NOTE:  If logged-in users of a particular supplier company cannot see the negotiation round on the company's Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal under open calls for tenders, contact system support.

Eliminating participants in the negotiation round and notification

  • When the deadline has been reached, the negotiation round is handled in accordance with the normal process (see Received tendersand the procuring entity selects bidders for involvement in the tendering round 
    • Choose the suppliers selected above and continue 
      • By selecting the suppliers to which you would like to send the actual call for tenders (participation applications received), or 
    • Select suppliers in the comparison table 
      • Participants are selected from the comparison table view (NOTE: Remember to click your supplier selections on the ‘Choose a supplier’ line) 

  • On the ‘Rounds’ tab, choose whether to make an interim decision and notification. The options are: 
    • Send a rejection notice to those who were rejected (This option is only shown if at least one tenderer or tender has been marked as not eligible.)
      • This option sends a rejection message by email to the rejected candidates
      • Enter a subject for the message and the message text (the default text can be edited) and click "Send message"
      • After sending, you will be taken to the call for tenders phase
    • Make an interim decision and notification
  • Mark that no interim contract award or notification will be made
    • If this option is chosen, no notifications will be sent. You will be taken directly to the next phase

Before you can start a new round, make a notification, or mark that none shall be made. 

New negotiation round or switching to the actual tendering round

On the ‘Rounds’ tab, select whether you want to begin a new negotiation round or proceed to the actual tendering round.

  • This view enables you to see previous rounds (participation round and negotiation rounds)

Select "Begin a new negotiation round" 

  • Select whether to use a negotiation round template:
    • Use the notice from this round as a template 
    • Select a different template 
    • Empty template 

Select "Begin an actual tendering round" 

  • Select whether to use a tendering round template
    • Use the notice from this round as a template 
    • Select a different template 
    • Empty template