Restricted procedure is a procurement procedure in which the notice is only published directly to the selected tenderers by e-mail and only the invited tenderers may submit tenders. The notice will not be published in the Supplier Portal the same way as in the open procedure. 


The process of the restricted procedure depends on whether the procurement concerned is:

  • Below-threshold procurement (small-scale procurement)
  • Above-threshold procurement


Below-threshold procurement (small-scale procurement)


  • ‘Restricted procedure’ as the procurement procedure and a below-threshold value are defined in the contract notice
  • At the publishing stage, the call for tenders will not be published to HILMA or the Supplier Portal, but will instead be published by e-mail to the addresses specified at the publishing stage


In addition to the message written by the contracting entity, the message sent to the selected tenderers will also contain a direct link to the call for tenders concerned. From this link, the tenderer can proceed to the Supplier Portal where the tenderer may log in to submit a tender following the standard procedure.

The rest of the process proceeds the same way as the normal procurement process (actions during competitive tendering, receipt, comparison and selection of tenders, contract award and notification, and procurement contract).

Above-threshold procurement


As a restricted procedure, an above threshold procurement is a two-step process:

  • A request to participate stage that is open to all tenderers (invitation to participate)
  • A call for tenders stage restricted to the tenderers selected at the participation stage (call for tenders)

Participation round preparation and publishing 


  • ‘Restricted procedure’ as the procurement procedure and an above-threshold value are defined in the contract notice. With these options, an invitation to participate will be automatically generated for the notice
    • Because only registration to the competitive tendering is requested at this time, often only dynamic ‘Suitability requirements’ are asked at this point, and the actual dynamic criteria concerning the object of the procurement are asked at the call for tenders stage 
  • The notice will be published the same way as in an open procedure to Hilma and the Supplier Portal, where all interested suppliers can submit a notification of their willingness to participate in the competitive tendering.

Selection to the tendering round


  • When the deadline expires, the requests to participate will be processed following the standard process (see Received tenders) and the contracting entity will select the tenderers to be invited to the tendering round.
    • Select suppliers in the comparison table
      • The participants can be selected for the actual call for tenders round from the ‘Requests to participate’ tab in the comparison table view

  • Or from the ‘Comparison’ tab under ‘Open comparison’

NOTE! Remember to click your supplier selections on the ‘Choose a supplier’ row of the comparison table)

Select a notification method

  • Switch to the ‘Rounds’ tab
    • On the ‘Rounds’ tab, choose whether to make an interim decision and notification. The options are: 
      • Send a rejection notice to those who were rejected
        • This option will only send a rejection message to the rejected suppliers by e-mail
        • Enter the message heading and text (the default text can be edited), and then click ‘Send an email’
        • After sending, the system proceeds to the call for tenders stage
      • Make an interim decision and notification
        • Make an interim decision using the contract award form and send notification to all candidates and tenderers (see Contract award and notification)
        • Mark that no interim contract award or notification will be made
          • In this option, no notification will be made at all, but instead the system proceeds directly to the next step

Drafting and publishing a call for tenders round

Select a template for the call for tenders:

  • Use the notice from this round as a template
    • The invitation to participate is copied as a template for the call for tenders
  • Select a different template
    • Use the search form to select the call for tenders that you wish to use as a template
    • Enter your search term into the window and click the "Enter" button
  • Empty template
    • The call for tenders editing view will open with a blank form

The notification will only be published for the supplier who were selected in the participation application phase for inclusion in the tendering round. The selected suppliers will be sent an email with a direct link to the call for tenders. By following this link, suppliers are taken to the supplier portal, where they can log in and then submit tenders as normal.

NOTE: The link will only function once. When the link has been clicked once, the call for tenders will be visible to all of the supplier company's logged-in users on the company's Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal. If logged-in users of a particular supplier company cannot see the restricted notification on the company's Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal under open calls for tenders, contact system support. 

In other regards, the actual tendering round follows the normal process.