* Function for ADMIN-users



The user can specify public holidays for procuring entities. These affect the way the system works in the following functions:

  • Electronic auction (extended auction time)
    • If an electronic auction goes into extended time (if this feature has been taken into use when the auction was set up) and if the extended time falls on one of the specified public holidays, the extended auction time will automatically be transferred to the next working day in accordance with the auction settings

Specifying settings for non-working days

  • Creating a new holiday
  • Click the "Create holiday" link
  • A form will open on the right
  • In the "Date" field, select a date from the calendar menu
  • In the "Legend" field, enter the desired specifier (e.g., the name of the public holiday)
  • Click "Save" (→ you will receive confirmation that saving was successful)

Modifying existing public holidays

  • Select a year from the drop-down menu
  • The public holidays specified for the selected year will be shown below
  • Click on a public holiday to modify


  • The public holiday details form will open on the right, enabling you to modify the date and legend
  • When you have finished editing, click "Save" (→ you will receive confirmation that saving was successful)
  • If you would like to remove a public holiday, click "Remove" (→ click "OK" in the confirmation dialogue and the public holiday will be removed. You will receive confirmation of this.)