In the criteria library, you can save pre-defined criteria groups that can be used in procurement objects and suitability requirements alike. You can pick up these criteria groups for any call for tenders. Criteria groups can be searched for with keywords.  


To open the criteria library, click the book icon: 

  • In the ‘Suitability requirements’ section  

 FIGURE: To open the criteria library in the ‘Suitability requirements’ section, click the book icon: 




  • In the ‘Procurement object criteria’ section 


FIGURE: To open the criteria library in the ‘Procurement object criteria’ section, click the book icon 




Criteria group search 

  • Search for a criteria group  

    • Keyword  

      • Select whether you want to search for the criteria group from suitability requirements or from procurement objects  

  • You can also select a criteria group (or several criteria groups) directly from the listing by clicking it  


Attach a criteria group to a call for tenders 


  • Select the desired criteria group (NOTE: To view the contents of a criteria group, click the name of the criteria group) 

  • Select whether you want to attach the criteria group as a general criterion for the sub-area (group) or as a criterion applicable to all objects 

  • To attach the selected criteria group to the call for tenders, click ‘Attach’ (or, in the case of suitability requirements, ‘As call for tenders suitability requirements’). 

  • The selected criteria groups are added to the general criterion field of the group or sub-area 


 FIGURE: Selecting a criteria group from the criteria library. Also select whether you want to add the group as being applicable to all objects or as a general criterion 



If you want to move the criteria under a different objects, see Moving and copying objects and criteria. 


Exporting a criteria group to a criteria library 

  • Select the criteria of which you want to form a new criteria group  

    • If you want to select all the criteria of the object concerned, click ‘Select all criteria of the object’ in the object criteria title row 

    • If you only want to select a specific criterion, then only select the criterion concerned 

  • Select ‘Export the selections in the form of a criteria group >>’ 


FIGURE: Exporting criteria into the criteria library 


  • Enter a name for the criteria group  

  • Select the type of the criteria group  

    • Select whether the criteria group is for procurement objects (a procurement criteria group) or for suitability requirements (qualification criteria group)  

  • Click the red cross to delete criteria if applicable  

  • Save the group  


FIGURE: Saving a criteria group into the criteria library  


Sharing criteria 

  • After saving, a criteria group can be shared to all/selected contracting authorities.  


 FIGURE: Select whether the criteria group is to be shared with other contracting authorities 


  • Select one of the sharing options:  

    • Not shared  

    • Shared to all contracting authorities  

    • Shared only to selected contracting authorities  

      • Select the contracting authorities to which you want to share the criteria group under ‘Contracting authorities found >>”  

  • Select the desired contracting authorities and click the arrow button to move them to the right-hand side column, and then click ‘Save’. 



Managing criteria groups 


  • To manage a criteria group, click its name in the criteria library 


 FIGURE: Select the criteria group to be edited 



  • In the edit criteria group view, you can delete the desired criteria and, by clicking ‘Add a product association in the form of free text’, add a keyword for the criteria group to also target the search to this criteria group in the criteria group search 

  • In the edit view, you can also share the criteria group to the desired contracting authorities 


FIGURE: Criteria group edit view