* Additional functionality subject to a separate order that can be used for retrieving a Tilaajavastuu.fi report directly from the supplier’s data.

A Tilaajavastuu.fi report can be retrieved separately for each tenderer from the ‘Received tenders’ section:

Figure: Retrieving a Tilaajavastuu.fi report for a supplier.

Based on the information sources of the Tilaajavastuu.fi system, the system shows whether the tenderer has fulfilled its obligations under the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out or whether there is anything in them that needs to be checked.

Click the symbol indicated by the status of the information concerning the contractor’s obligations and liability to view the contractor’s obligations and liability report for the supplier concerned. The report will be stored as part of the Cloudia Sourcing document package.

Figure: Opening the Tilaajavastuu.fi report

Figure: Status returned from the Reliable Partner register -->

Tilaajavastuu.fi report on the ‘Documents’ tab view

The ‘Documents’ view allows you to view the tenderer's Tilaajavastuu.fi report separately for each tender

  • Click ‘Contractor’s obligations and liability report’ to open the report in a separate window
  • The date and time indicate when the information concerning the contractor’s obligations and liability were checked (in the examination of received tenders)

Figure: ‘Documents’ tab view