Service break in HILMA from Thursday, 15 June, 12:00 am to Friday, 16 June, 09:00 am. Notices cannot be published to HILMA during that time. Cloudia Tendering will operate normally except for Friday 16 June 2017 from 07:00 to 08:00 am, during which time there will be a service break in Cloudia Tendering, Supplier Portal and Small-Scale Procurement Portal. 

The effect of the update: 

In the update, a few required fields will be added to notices, and the NUTS code listing will be updated. 

Due to the update of the NUTS code listing, we will need to clear the NUTS code fields in all notices that are in process. These fields will have to be re-entered before the notice is published. 

NOTE! When a correction notice pertaining to a notice that is currently in effect is filed, the NUTS code must be re-selected for the notice from the revised list.