Object of the contract

* required fields

  • Enter a procurement name*
  • The system will assign an identification number automatically. The identifier may be edited if necessary.
  • You may choose a procurement description from the pre-saved texts or enter the description in the text field.

Main object

* required fields

  • Click ‘Select CPV code’. A dialog box is displayed
    • Select the code by browsing for it or using the search feature
      • Click the arrow button to open the code sub-levels
      • Check a box to select the code
      • Select the ‘CPV supplementary codes’ following the same procedure
  • Click ‘Add row’ to add a new additional object

Procurement Category

* required fields

  • Select the procurement type
    • Supplies
    • Service
    • Training services as a combined procurement (Act on Public Employment Service Chapter 6 Section 3)
    • Works
    • Design contest

Estimated value or price range of procurement (excluding VAT)*

* required fields

  • Enter the exact value or price range
  • Select whether the estimated value or price range is to be published on the call for tenders form
    • The default selection is ‘No’
  • The procurement exceeds the threshold value given in Section 25 of the Act on Public Contracts
    • The selection will automatically update to ‘Yes/No’

The procurement’s primary location

  • Click the ‘Add row’ button to select the primary location of the procurement (NUTS code - Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics)
    • Check a box to select the code
    • Click the arrow button to open the code sub-levels
    • Click the red X button to remove a code you added to the form

Procurement contract validity period

  • Define a validity period for the procurement if applicable

Possible option information

  • Select whether or not the contract is subject to renewal
  • If yes, enter the description and initial period in the resulting view