Basic Information on Organisation

  • Check the basic information about your organisation and correct where necessary. This information will be shown on the call for tenders
  • The address entered in the e-mail field will receive the notifications coming through the system at different stages of the process (e.g. confirmation of the publication of a notice, notification of a received and cancelled tender, notification of a received comment and request for further information).

Basic Information on Procurement 

NOTE! See the screenshots below for more detailed instructions. To open the online help in the info view of the form, click the i button (green i icon).

Procurement Object

Attachments and Links

Attachments to the tender

General criteria

Preview and Publish

In addition to its in-house services, the contracting entity may publish calls for tenders to the services of other procurement organisations as well. The options available for selection for the contracting entity will include regional publication, potential main unit and an own service of the organisation concerned depending on the units the organisation is linked to. If you want to link the organisation to other units as well, the publishing channels must be included in the details of the organisation (contact or for further information).

The processor of the call for tenders selects the publishing channels separately for each call for tenders depending on which publishing cannels can be selected for the organisation concerned. Cloudia Small-Scale Procurement and lightened process calls for tenders can be published to the Supplier Portal and Small-Scale Procurement Services of the group structures that are available for selection. As regards other notifications, the Supplier Portal of the group structure is available for selection.

In addition to organisation-level publishing channels, national publication has been added to the Small-Scale Procurement Service. When the organisation-specific publishing channel has been selected, ‘Publish in national small procurement service’ can be added as a publishing channel.

Supplier candidates

You may search for supplier details from the online Business Information System (BIS) maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. Click ‘Edit’ to begin your search.

NOTE! The BIS limits the number of searches to 300 searches per minute between all BIS users, so you may need to re-run your search from time to time. 

Search for suppliers

  • Enter the search criteria
  • Click ‘Search’

View supplier details

  • Click ‘Additional information’

Select the desired suppliers

  • Click ‘Add’ next to the desired supplier
  • The supplier switches to the ‘Supplier candidates’ section

Add chosen supplier to notification recipients

  • Select the desired suppliers
  • Enter the missing e-mail addresses (if the e-mail address of the company concerned cannot be found from the BIS service)
  • Click ‘Add chosen ones to the recipients of the email publication’

Send a preview message 

  • Click ‘Send a preview by email’, and in the window that appears, define the following: 
    • Select ‘Request comments’ if you wish to receive comments from the recipient 
    • Recipients: enter or copy/paste the email addresses separated by line breaks 
    • Sender’s name: enter the name that you want to be displayed as the sender of the email 
    • Message heading: enter the text that you want to be displayed as the heading of the email 
    • Message: enter the actual message/text of the email; you can edit the default text 
  • A PDF file of the call for tenders is automatically attached to the outbound email A PDF file of the call for tenders is automatically attached to the outbound email 
  • To send the preview, click ‘Send an email’.

Actions for Active Notices

Question management



People who reviewed the notice


Internal discussion

Send an email

Actions for Ended Notices

Tender comparison and supplier selection

In a small-scale procurement call for tenders, tenders are opened on the ‘Tender comparison’ tab under ‘Edit the comparison’.

  • The opening protocol is generated on the background and can be found on the Documents tab
  • A comparison table will then open up, from which you select the supplier and click ‘Save’

Contract award and notification

Procurement contract


Execution/orders can be sent by e-mail through the tendering system to the suppliers selected for the small-scale procurement (user rights permitting).
Click the ‘Executions’ link at top of the page to open the section concerned. This section also shows any previous executions under ‘Order history’.

Create new execution

To create a new execution, click ‘Executions’ on the information page of the desired small-scale procurement.
In the ‘Creation of a new execution’ drop-down menu, select the supplier with whom you want to place the order.

The ‘Create an order’ form opens

Select the orderer from the drop-down menu and enter information to the fields

  • By typing
  • By copying/pasting information from another document
  • By selecting a pre-saved text from the drop-down menu (you may also save the text you wrote as pre-saved text by ticking the box next to the menu and entering a name for the text).

When to form is ready, click the ‘Submit the execution’ button at the bottom of the page to submit the order. The execution will be sent to the supplier by e-mail (as a PDF attachment) and listed in the ‘Order history’ list.

Order history

Use the ‘Executions’ section of the procurement to view the orders related to the small-scale procurement concerned. The order history of the small-scale procurement concerned opens in a chronological order.

Click the desired row to view the details of its execution and a PDF summary of the order.


Internal discussion

Send an email