Special considerations when a correction notice is published:

When a correction notice to an EU procurement notice is published, it must be kept in mind that the correction notice cannot be published if the deadline of the notice to be corrected has already expired before the correction notice has successfully passed the checking process in Hilma and TED. If this happens, a cancellation notice must be filed, followed by a new procurement notice.

When an EU correction notice is published from Cloudia Sourcing, attention must be paid to the time consumed in the checking processes taking place in Hilma and TED.

  • If the notice is published on a business day before 12.00 o’clock, Hilma will take the notice for processing and, following its approval, forward it to TED during the same day.
    • A maximum of 48 hours will then pass until the notice is shown in Hilma and in the Supplier Portal.
  • If the notice is published after 12.00 o’clock, Hilma will take the notice for processing and, following its approval, forward it to TED on the next business day.
    • A maximum of 48 hours will then pass until the notice is shown in Hilma and in the Supplier Portal.

Selecting the correction notice form


The correction notice form can be completed by selecting an active notice. Go to the “Edit” tab and select “Edit notice details”.



  • Enter a message to be sent to suppliers if necessary
  • Select “Send message and move to correction status” 


  • The notice will be moved to the “In progress” folder and the correction notice can be edited in the “Edit notice” section 

Correction notice

Correction notices are used to make changes to the fields on a call for tenders where the existing information is to be changed. The system automatically compiles the changes to the information that is sent to HILMA under "SECTION VII: CHANGES". The rest of the changes can be found in section VII.2. After this, the notice is published on the Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal and HILMA.

Take note of the following when making a correction notice:

II.1.1) Name

  • On the new correction notice, you should not use the term "CORRECTION NOTICE" in the title. Instead, the title should remain the same.


II.1.4) Short description

  • The correction notice must not change the description unless there are changes to the procurement description itself.


IV.2.1) Previous publication concerning this procedure

  • The EUVL number on the correction notice must refer to the EU prior information notice. The system will bring this automatically and it should not be changed. 
  • If a prior information notice has not been published, this field should be left empty.

IV.2.2) The time limit for receipt of tenders or request to participate

  • If the deadline for tenders is being updated, section IV.2.7) "Conditions for opening the tenders" must also be modified. (NOTE: visible only in open procedure) 




VI.6) Original notice reference

  • The system will automatically enter the HILMA ID of the original notice here 




VII.1) Details to be corrected or added

VII.1.1) Reason for change

  • Select  
    • Change to details originally sent by the procuring authority 
    • A notice published on TED does not correspond to original information sent by a procuring authority 



VII.1.2) Text to be corrected in the original notice

  • Make changes to the call for tenders as normal in sections 1–14 on the system
  • The system will automatically list the changes that will be transferred to HILMA (parts I–VI) on the correction notice 


NOTE! Other changes should be mentioned in section VII.2) Other additional information



VII.2) Other additional information

  • List changes which are not listed in the VII.1.2) listing and therefore are not automatically transferred to HILMA. These changes can refer to for example attachments, suitability requirements or procurement object criteria. (maximum 4000 characters). NOTE: a mention that the original notice or attachments have been corrected is sufficient.