Information in accordance with the information page and the view will enable functions depending on the status:


Tender-specific information

  • When submitted
  • Who submitted
  • Open the tender document
    • A package of all of the information entered by the supplier on the supplier portal 
    • Open the other documents
    • The attachments uploaded along with the tender are listed individually 
  • Download all documents (ZIP)
    • Click this to download all of the documents belonging to an individual supplier in ZIP format  
  • Send a clarification request related to tender 
    • If clarification requests have been sent, information will be shown concerning the processing of the previous clarification request and previously clarified tenders 
  • Write a comment:
    • You can enter tender-specific comments 

Eligible supplier

Selection on a tender-by-tender basis is the default selection in ‘Eligible supplier’. If you want to exclude the tenderer from the tender comparison, uncheck the box at the end of the row.

  • Select the eligible tenderers and click ‘Save’
    • You can then assign an exclusion decision to the tenderer

Make exclusion decision

  • The tenderer to whom the exclusion decision is addressed will be assigned as the recipient
  • The exclusion decision will have the system default content, but the content can be changed if necessary
    • Edit message title
    • Edit message content
    • Add files if applicable
  • Send the exclusion decision or save without sending

Note! When an exclusion decision has been sent to the tenderer, no contract award decision or contract award notification can be addressed to that tendered through the system.

Write a comment

  • Click the ‘Write a comment’ link to write a rejection comment
  • The comments you write will be included in the prefilled contract award form  
  • A supplier marked as non-eligible will not be included in the comparison table

Open comparison
When the eligibility of the tenderer has been processed and the eligible tenderers have been saved, you may proceed to tender comparison
  • Click ‘Open comparison’

See also: Send a clarification request related to a tender

Download all of the tender documents (ZIP)

This function creates a single package containing all of the tenders received and the tender attachments.

  • In addition, all of the documents are automatically saved in the “Documents” section of the tendering process.


Save and open comparison

After selecting this, the comparison table editing view will be shown

  • You can exit the comparison table editing view by selecting “Return to the notice details” or “Save“
  • When processing completed calls for tender, the “Tender comparison” tab will open