NOTE! This instruction can be applied to 
  • EU prior information notice 
  • Social and other specific services – public contracts - Prior information notice
  • Social and other specific services - concessions - Prior information notice

NOTE! If you answered "Yes" to section II.1.6 ("Details concerning lots"), details must be entered for section II.2: SECTION: DESCRIPTION (CONTRACT DIVIDED INTO LOTS).

Enter a new procurement contract

  • Select "Add new"



  • Link the procurement contract object to the contract notice


NOTE! If "This notice is a prior information notice only" is selected in the section, "Directive 2014/24/EU", several different contracts can be included in the notice and this section may include several contracts to which the contract lot in question is allocated.  

II.2) Description

II.2.1 Name

  • Enter a name and lot number for the procurement contract object



Complete sections II.2.2) - II.2.14) as instructed in section II: Procurement Object