Number of users
Procuring entity's documents
Templates for contract awards
Question management


* Function for admin users


The Bulletins menu is only shown to admin users. The menu enables the organisation's internal bulletins to be created and edited. 

Add a new notification

You can create a new notification by clicking "Add new notification"


Specify the notification type

  • General topical bulletin
    • The notification can be published in the following channels, where it will appear under the heading "Topical":
      • Tendering system, licensed users
      • Tendering system, small-scale procurement users
      • Tarjouspalvelu supplier portal
  • Future Procurement
    • The notification can be published on the supplier portal, where it will appear under the heading "Future procurements"

Specify dates

  • Date of bulletin (the date that will appear on the bulletin)
  • Date and time when the validity of the bulletin begins
  • Date and time when the validity of the bulletin ends

Heading and text

  • Separate text should be entered for every language. The text will be shown in the language selected for the user interface.
  • Bulletins can be drafted in Finnish, Swedish and English



  • If necessary, specify attachments to the bulletin

Save or Save and publish 

  • The bulletin can be saved without publishing by clicking "Save"
  • Save and publish the bulletin by clicking "Save and publish"
    • After selecting this, the bulletin's status will be "Published"


In progress, Published and Archived

The bulletins are shown on different tabs depending on their status

  • Bulletins in progress
    • Unpublished bulletins
  • Published bulletins
    • Valid bulletins
  • Archived
    • The validity of the bulletin has ended


NOTE: Previous bulletins can be used as templates for new bulletins by clicking "Create a new notification based on this one".


Number of users

The "Number of users" menu enables you to monitor the number of user licences in the procurement organisation.


Procuring entity's documents

* Function for admin users


Adding a new document

You can use the system to save general documents from your organisation for purposes such as instruction or communication. These documents will appear on the main page of Cloudia Sourcing only for the procuring entity in question.


  • Click on Tools > Procuring entity documents
  • Click "Add a file"
  • Import the desired files using the upload window

NOTE: The maximum file size is 50 megabytes.


Changing document visibility and sharing documents

The visibility of uploaded documents can be restricted according to the additional functionality in use by the procurement organisation.

  • Who has the right to view the document
    • Contracting authority
    • Small procuring entity
  • Attachable to procurement
    • It will be possible to select the document from the document library for inclusion in a call for tenders
  • Shared with all sub-organizations
    • The document will be visible to all sub-organizations

Statistical report

  • You can view statistics about your own procuring entity (standard Excel report)
  • Number of published procurements by procurement type (small-scale procurement, national procurement notices, EU procurements and EU prior information notices and contract award notices)
  • The number of completed procurements by procurement type
  • Procurements by procurement category (procurement categories on the system)
  • Completed procurements by procurement category
  • Received tenders
  • Tenders per completed competition
  • People who reviewed the tenders
  • People who reviewed the tender per competition


All of the data is itemised by:

  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Number


Duration of procurements

You can view statistics about your own procuring entity (standard Excel report)

  • Procurement identification
  • Procurement name
  • Procurement procedure
  • Publication date
  • Contract award
  • Duration 

Templates for contract awards

* Function for admin users

Select "New template"

  • Set a name for the template (the template will be selected by this name during the contract award phase)
  • Make the required changes in the same way as for Contract awards


Question management

The system will switch to the Question management function.