Active procurement notices can be edited under “Edit” – “Edit notice details >>”:

  • Edit – edit notice details >>
    • Enter a message regarding changes to the procurement notice. This message will be sent to suppliers.
      • The message will be sent to everyone who has reviewed the call for tenders and/or those who have submitted tenders.
  • Send message and move to correction status
    • When clicked, the message above will be sent to suppliers and the system will switch to preparing a correction notice.

NOTE! The status of submitted tenders will change to in progess and the tenderer may continue editing the previous tender after the publishing of the correction notice. During the correction, it will not be possible to review the call for tenders or submit tenders.



NOTE! If the notice was published to HILMA, the correction notice must also be published to HILMA.

National procurement notice – correction notice

  • The notice will be transferred to the “In progress” folder
  • A correction status icon will be shown before the notice name
  • “Edit the notice”
    • The contract notice will open
    • Make the necessary changes to the procurement notice



  • Procurement object – Procurement description
    • Enter a description of the changes in the section Type of procedure in the field (please state what information is being changed and how) Additional information
    • The description will be displayed on the supplier portal and is mandatory for correction notices going to HILMA

  • If necessary, extend the deadline under “Tender/application submission“


Publish the notice

  • The notice can be published as normal by clicking the “OK, publish” button on the “Preview and publish” tab
    • If the notice has been published on HILMA, a correction notice must also be published on HILMA
    • When the notice is published, suppliers will be informed that a corrected notice has been published

Correction notices for EU procurement notices


The Documents tab shows the original procurement notice and all correction notices under “Call for tenders publication and documents”.