The information page of every tendering process contains an “Internal discussion” section. The link opens a discussion window enabling you to electronically discuss the tendering process. The discussion will be displayed as a chain of messages, along with the name of the author and the time.


  • Add new message  
    • Enter your message in the window  
  • Add a file
    • If required, add an attachment to your message from your own computer 
  • Send the discussion to your email 
    • You can sign up for email notifications of new messages 
  • Add participants to the discussion 
    • You can add participants to the internal discussion from the list of users  




If internal discussion has been held in relation to the tendering process, an exclamation mark will be shown before the name of the tendering process and the “discussion messages” section will be shown on the information page.



Discussions are linked to specific calls for tenders. Discussions are archived but are not copied onto new tendering processes.