Ready-made criterion groups can be saved to the criterion library for application to procurement objects and suitability requirements. You can pick criterion groups for use on any call for tenders. In the criterion library, you can also link a group to a specific CPV code or search term to make it easier to find. 

  • Click the “Criteria library” button 
    • In the “Procurement object criteria” section in the object group editing view  



  • In the “Suitability requirements” section above criterion rows 





Criterion group search


  • Search for a criterion group 
    • By keyword 
      • Select whether to search for criterion groups from procurement criteria or eligibility criteria 
    • By CPV code “Search by selecting a CPV code” 
      • Enter the CPV search term and select the right CPV code 
  • You can also select one or more criterion groups directly from the list by ticking them 


Add the criterion group to the call for tenders


Add the selected criterion group to the call for tenders by clicking “To the object group on the call for tenders” (or “To the tender’s qualification criteria” for suitability requirements)
  • Switch to the criterion view by clicking “Return to the call for tenders >>” 
  • The selected criterion groups will be added to the open object group as the last criteria in the grou




Exporting criterion groups to the criterion library

  • Select the criteria that you would like to use to create a new criterion group  
    • Select “Export the selections in the form of a criterion group >>” 



  • Give the criterion group a name 
  • Criterion group type 
    • Select whether the criterion group is for procurement objects (procurement criterion group) or suitability requirements (eligibility requirements) 
  • You can remove criteria by clicking the red cross 
  • Save the group 


  • If necessary, you can add the criterion group to a CPV code (one or more): 
    • Click “Add a product association by selecting a CPV code” 
    • Search for the desired CPV code    
    • Select the desired CPV codes by clicking “Select” alongside the code 
    • You can remove CPV associations by clicking the cross icon 
  • If necessary, you can add the criterion group to a keyword (one or more): 
    • Click “Add a product association in the form of free text >>” 
    • Enter the keyword into field 
  • Criterion groups can be shared with all/selected procuring entities. Select 
    • Not shared 
    • Shared to all procuring entities 
    • Shared only to selected procuring entities 
      • Select the procuring entities with which you would like to share the criterion group in the “Select procuring entities >>” section 
  • Select the desired procuring entities and transfer them to the right-hand column by clicking the arrow 


Editing and deleting criterion groups on calls for tenders

  • Criterion groups connected to an object group are shown in the object group as a single group 
    • You can remove the group from the call for tenders by clicking the red cross 
    • The group can be moved up or down using the arrow keys 





Editing criterion groups in the criterion library

  • Search for the desired criterion group and click the criterion group's name 
  • You can edit the details on criterion groups 
    • Name 
    • You can remove criteria from the criterion group by clicking the cross icon  
    • Share the criterion group with all or selected procuring entities 
  • Save your changes by clicking the “Save” button 
  • Remove the criterion group from the criterion library by clicking the “Remove” button (if the criterion group has already been added to a call for tenders, the details will not be removed from the call for tenders)