On the tendering system, procuring entities can save notices as “templates”. Templates can be used within the procuring entity itself or, if desired, can be shared with everybody or selected procuring entities.

  • The organisation's own templates are shown in the “Templates” folder
  • Shared templates are shown in the “Shared templates” folder


Copy the notice as a template


Click on the “Copy to a template” link to create a new template from the notice. Clicking on this link displays

the form used to create templates. The following details must be entered:

  • Template name
  • Template description


Whether the template will belong to the organisation's own templates or be shared

  • Not shared
    • You are creating a template for your own procuring entity only
  • Shared to all procuring entities
    • You are creating a template that will be shared with all procuring entities
  • Shared only to selected procuring entities
    • Select the procuring entities with which you would like to share the template by pressing “Select procuring entities”
    • Search (1) or select the procuring entity with which you would like to share the call for tenders from the list by pressing the “>” (2) button or add all of the selected at one time (3). After this, a pane will open on the right (entitled "Procuring entities the document is being shared to").
      • The selected procuring entities will be shown in the list on the right. If you would like to remove a procuring entity from the list, select it from the list on the right and return it to the “Procuring entities found” list by clicking the transfer button



  • When a procuring entity has been transferred to the pane on the right, close the pop-up window by clicking the cross in the top right corner
  • The view returns to the “Copy as template” view (where the selected procuring entities were chosen)
  • Click save and the system will confirm that the details have been saved

Use the template as a template for a new notice

Templates are shown in the “Own templates” or “Shared templates” notice folders. Select a folder and the template within it to view the template or use it as the basis for creating a new notice.


Own templates

  • All of the information on the template can be viewed
  • All of the information on the template can be edited
  • The template's name, description, visibility and files can be edited
  • Internal discussion can be held in relation to the template
  • The template can also be deleted


Shared templates

  • The view on the right will list all of the header information about shared templates, as well as recently shared templates
  • Template information can be reviewed by clicking on any template data on the list
  • The list of “Most recently shared templates” contains quick links for copying the template directly to the organisation's own templates or reviewing the template in PDF format.


When a template has been selected on the list, a view will open enabling the following functions:

  • Review the template documents
  • Hold a public discussion
  • Open the template in PDF/HTML format
  • Begin creating a new notice based on the template
  • Copy the template into the organisation's own templates