If paper-based tenders are allowed, the person in charge of processing the notice must enter the tenders into the system using the “input paper tenders” function. Paper tenders can only be input before the opening document has been generated. 

NOTE! Hardcopy tenders cannot be entered on EU contract notices, negotiation rounds, small-scale/lightened procurements, framework agreements or competitive tendering internal to the DPS, or any notices created using the new set of criteria. 

  • Click “Enter paper tenders”
  • Click “Enable” 
  • Click “Open paper tender input”


  • Input the details about the party that submitted the tender (the supplier on whose behalf you are inputting the tender) 
  • Enter the eligibility requirements 
  • Enter information on the procurement object 
  • Submit the tender (save the paper tender) 
  • When you have entered all of the paper tenders, disable the paper tender status by clicking “Disable" 
  • Now you can proceed to the opening document and opening the tenders