Cloudia Sourcing


You can access the sourcing system by clicking the “Cloudia Sourcing” button in the top bar or by clicking the “Open Cloudia Sourcing system” link below. If the procuring entity is using Cloudia contracting system, the contract management module can be accessed in the same way.


Current notifications (if any have been published) will be shown on the start page. The news may be related to topics such as using the sourcing system or updates. Open notifications by clicking the relevant link. Procuring entities may also publish their own notifications on this board. Notifications can be created by selecting bulletins in the tools menu

Procuring entity's documents

The procuring entity may store its own documents in this section

Top navigation bar

The top navigation bar on the Cloudia Sourcing system contains the modules that the procuring entity is using, along with the “Settings” and “Tools” menus. The appearance of the menu depends on which functionality the procuring entity is using and on the user's user rights level.




  • Start page
  • Sourcing system
  • Contract management
  • Settings
    • User rights (rights management) 
    • Other settings 
    • Pre-saved texts 
    • Change password 
    • Supplier portal texts 
    • Public Holidays
  • Tools:
    • Bulletins
    • Number of users 
    • Contracting authority documents 
    • Statistical report 
    • Duration of the procurements 
    • Contract award templates 
    • Question management 

User interface language

You can change the language in the right-hand corner of the navigation bar. You can choose from Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and English.

Go to another module

The drop-down menu contains the modules that the procuring entity is using.


Log out

Log out of the Cloudia Sourcing system.

  • For information security reasons, we recommend logging out when you have finished using the service